Group Home for Boys

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents operates a community-based Group Home for Boys in an attractive neighborhood home. With 24-hour staff supervision, group home programs enable residents to participate in self-care and family-type activities while learning skills needed for increased independence.

Cumberland’s Seger House Group Home for Boys provides a specialized environment for residents who do not need hospitalization or residential treatment but require daily structure and interventions to address behavioral and emotional issues that prevent successful self-care. In a variety of ways, including family support services, recreational activities and group excursions, residents learn how to live with their families and neighbors.

Seger is designed for boys whose behavioral and emotional problems interfere with their ability to function well at school or at home. They need supervision and a structured environment to address their behavioral, emotional and control issues. Residents are treated with respect, are given choices and their inappropriate behaviors are redirected. With consistent interventions, residents begin to internalize positive behaviors, which then become habitual.

Having earned the distinction of being accredited by the Joint Commission, Cumberland Seger House for Boys is recognized as providing consistent and quality care for young people. Many of our residents are able to transition to a supervised apartment or into foster care settings. Intensive case management is central to Cumberland’s Community-Based Services. The House Manager functions as case manager, counselor, advocate, spokesperson and manager.

In general, each resident participates in the following:

  • Positive behavior management customized to the resident’s needs
  • Family education and supportive services
  • Training or support in activities of daily living
  • Community living skills, including shopping and transportation
  • Education in local public schools or private day schools, if IEP mandated
  • Optional vocational services through community resources
  • Recreational activities, including games and simple tasks to develop sensory motor skills, as well as community outings to the park, library, beach and museums
  • Community-based therapies and medical services as needed, including speech, occupational, physical and/or vocational

Cumberland’s Community-Based Group Home for Boys requires residents be capable of participating in 5.5 hours of educational/vocational programming daily and be capable of participating in group activities.