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Cumberland Hospital is a unique environment offering a different approach to help children with complex needs by providing a safe, therapeutic atmosphere.

“It was clear from the beginning that the staff was working from an enormous base of experience, and there was little that [my son] could throw at them that they had not seen before. It was also clear from meeting his therapists … that they were interested in [him] as a person, and were interested in helping him.”

a Cumberland parent

Cumberland Academy

Cumberland Academy is an on-site extension of treatment that ensures each patient’s academic program is as individualized as his or her treatment plan. Personalized attention allows the patient to grow through hands-on experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if Cumberland Hospital is the right fit? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions over on our FAQ page.

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A Note From the Medical Director

The physicians who started Cumberland in 1983 envisioned a hospital that provides integrated care, combining medical, psychotherapeutic, rehabilitative, behavioral and educational services for young people challenged by both complex medical and emotional needs. As one of those founding physicians, I am proud to say that we continue to be highly successful in accomplishing this mission.

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